In the areas of marketing & PR, events, sales & logistics, we advocate cooperation on an equal basis. Our many years of experience, international market knowledge and extensive network are your path to success.

Brand Market Entry

Do you want your brand to enter and successfully become positioned in the German-speaking DACH region and to market your products or services to your target group? Then we are your contact – your (e)xperts for marketing & PR, events, sales & logistics.

Brand Events

We make your brand an unforgettable experience. Because purchasing decisions are based on emotions and a positive experience shapes your brand image.

Public Relations

The be-all and end-all of successful PR is to precisely work out your own USPs, packaged in trendy topics and edited to be enthralling.

Online Marketing

We know what your customers are looking for and bring the right visitors to your website with an individual online schedule

Print Communication


Sales and marketing go hand in hand for us.

Media Planning

In our view, media activities in any form only make sense in the form of an overall plan.


We offer the prerequisites for successful supply chain management.

Consultation & Contact

We look forward to welcoming you. We would be pleased to advise and actively support you. Call us, write to us or drop by in person.