Media Planning

In our view, media activities in any form only make sense in the form of an overall plan.


The best media campaign goes unnoticed if the central idea is incoherent. We will be happy to get creative for you and develop your individual guiding principle in advance, which we then stage for you as part of a cross-media campaign.

Cross-media marketing refers to the use of a wide variety of marketing channels. Classic advertising channels such as ads, TV or out of home can be used in parallel with communication instruments such as addressable TV, websites or social media.

A cross-media campaign networked across several channels features a consistent central idea and in the best case a call to action for the consumer. In order to attract relevant attention, a campaign should be displayed via at least three media channels. The media used should be coordinated in terms of time, content and appearance.

  • Development of the central idea including a call to action
  • Definition of target group relevant channels
  • Planning and implementation of your campaign
  • Monitoring and optimisation


Consultation & Contact

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