Brand Events

Brand Events

We make your brand an unforgettable experience.


We make your brand an unforgettable experience. Because purchasing decisions are based on emotions and a positive experience shapes your brand image. Brand events allow you to get to know your target group personally and thus optimally adapt your brand to their needs.

Emotionally charged with a lasting positive experience, your brand enjoys a profitable image. It will be perfectly staged during the event. The togetherness among like-minded people ensures active communication beyond your brand event.

With the integration of relevant partners, new target groups can be addressed and more attention gained through cross-marketing campaigns.

Brand events are a wonderful way to report prior to, during and after the event in off- and online communication as well as in the social media world. Professionally prepared content presents your brand beyond the event.

Case Study Brand Events


OMM Alps is anything but ordinary – and the event looks different for every participant. The Original Mountain Marathon originated in England and Scotland. Every year since 1968, enthusiastic runners have met there for this unique event, which has long enjoyed cult status.

In 2018 OMM Alps took place for the second time in Germany in the Zugspitz region of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. And for the second time, xpert marketing was the organiser of the event. We took care of the search for the location, participant and visitor management, on-site processing and advance marketing, various media collaborations in print and social media as well as post-reporting. The storytelling around the unique format created heightened brand perception as well as a customer-oriented and authentic brand image.

Our focus is on emotionalising the brand message. Of course, we are also personally on site and thus very close to the participants – we know what they want and can thus reach the relevant target group directly. Other concerns of ours were customer care and testing the products “in action” –  because OMM also perfectly equips outdoor athletes, especially trail runners and adventure racers, with lightweight products. Numerous influencers and important figures from the industry took part in this event in order to reach an even wider public. The increasing number of participants and media presence show how successful our work in the field of brand events is.

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